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OSCA Automazioni


Sirio 600 is an optical inspection and sorting machine, designed on a rotating steel disc with a diameter of 600mm.

Sirio 600 has been designed for dimensional and surface checks of screws, rivets, threaded rivets, bushes and bushings.

Sirio 600 is an extremely flexible machine with versatile, fast-feeding systems and very short format changeover times.


Screws, rivets, threaded rivets, bushes. bushings, pins



Shank diameters min/max 3 < Dg < 20mm
Head diameters min/max 6 < Dt < 40mm
Standard Lengths 10 < L < 90mm
Other lengths on request


Version Right / left

Steel disc diameter [mm] 600
Speed [pcs/min] 80 < V < 1000
Visual inspection stations 8 (max)
Dedicated management software (user friendly) Statistics, historical data, piece counting
Machine size [mm] 2590 x 2010 - H 2362
Weight [Kg] 2000 (1400 + 600)
Packaging module upon request



Size checks standard
External thread checks standard
Presence and integrity check of marks/stamps standard
Identification of surface incisions and/or scratches standard
Detection of machine/production burrs standard
Colour recognition standard
Crack detection with Eddy Current upon request
Dimensional checks with Laser Control Unit upon request
Dimensional checks with 3D Laser Unit upon request


Remote management of the multi-platform production process standard

Digital teleservice assistance and tele-diagnosis with smart alertst upon request
Inter-connection with the company's management system standard
Inter-connection with other machines in the company's production cycle standard
Diagnosis of work parameters and production trends standard
Access to features, divided by security levels via password standard
Post-process analysis of statistical data upon request
Data-logic on adaptivity and intelligent reactivity to process drifts upon request
Compliance with the requirements of the industry plan 4.0 standard


For more details, please download the brochure and the technical data sheet.

Download brochure


Download technical data sheet



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