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OSCA Automazioni


Continuous innovation, paired up with advanced digital technologies, allows OSCA AUTOMAZIONI to be the leader in the field of visual control machines for quality control without direct contact on the product.

OSCA AUTOMAZIONI designs and produces versatile and modular machinery with high control speeds that allow for the utmost flexibility of use in control processes for various types of products such as metal parts, fixing elements for screws and bolts, as well as pieces with complex geometries, rivets, threaded rivets, bushings, sleeves, etc.

This allows our Clients to achieve high quality standards in product selection and/or grading and consequent reduction in production waste or discard.

These machines can be used throughout the production cycle, from inbound product acceptance, after certain work phases, to the control and check of the finished product.

Orion series
Saturno 500 series
Saturno 850 series
Sirio series


Download brochure series Saturno


Download brochure series Sirio


Watch the video on the Orion series


Watch the video on the Saturno 850 series




OSCA AUTOMAZIONI offers non-contact product control technology through highly sophisticated artificial vision systems such as high-precision industrial cameras and optics, which through acquired images derive the information required by the software – using specific algorithms – that determines whether or not products meet the defined standards for quality and tolerance, and consequently distribute the product as good or to be discarded, according to the outcome of this operation.



A particularly important aspect in quality control is the speed of operations and work. Thanks to the studies carried out on various power systems, we have succeeded in designing machines that guarantee high operating speed while guaranteeing reliability, accuracy and repeatability of the results, placing us on the market as the industry leader.



The modularity of machines and systems is a strategic choice for companies that want to be leaders in their own industries. OSCA AUTOMAZIONI provides a broad and modular range for the optical sorting machines. OSCA AUTOMAZIONI optical sorting machines allow you to maintain the same basic configuration for the various types of machines in the range. The core technology of the machinery consists of the viewing and selection modules, through which each modular machine performs control operations and checks on quality. In addition to these modules, OSCA AUTOMAZIONI has also created diversified solutions for machine loading and automated packaging.



OSCA AUTOMAZIONI offers three different series of optical sorting machines, each with its own characteristics:

  • Orion series

designed for optical controls on belts and conveyors

  • Saturno 500 series

designed for optical controls on glass swivel tables, with 500 mm diameter

  • Saturno 850 series

designed for optical controls on glass swivel tables, with 850 mm diameter

  • Sirio series

designed for optical controls and the specific mechanics for the screw industry and head-moulded parts and pieces


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